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Stopping Smoking? What works?

Hypnotherapy can be a supportive approach to quit smoking by addressing the underlying beliefs & behaviours associated with the addiction. It aims to address the psychological aspects of smoking. Addiction through guided hypnotic sessions. While individual responses vary some people find success in overcoming cravings and changing their smoking behaviour with RTT hypnotherapy in one session. Its effectiveness can vary from person to person. Its crucial to approach with an open mind and commit to the process.

Smoking addiction involves both physical & psychological dependence on nicotine. Breaking this action can be challenging, but its possible with RTT Hypnotherapy.

During an RTT session for smoking cessation, I will guide you into a relaxed state & help you explore the root causes of your smoking habit. The goal is to identify & reframe negative thought patterns, replacing them with more positive & empowering ones.

An RTT session is tailored to your specific needs & will address underlying issues contributing to smoking habits. Once the RTT session is finished you will have to be committed to listening to your personalised recording for 21 days. The RTT session changes the behaviour & the personalised recording rewires in those changes.

RTT aims to create lasting changes in your subconscious mind, promoting a shift in behaviour and reducing cravings. Its important to note that individual experiences may vary & success often depends on personal commitment & follow up support.

RTT uses breakthrough techniques & can get to the root cause fast smashing those old beliefs “smoking relaxes me” “I enjoy smoking” that’s a lie you’ve been telling yourself.

RTT Hypnotherapy will leave you free of the desire to smoke. No longer will you be controlled by the need to smoke. Taking clients back to the root cause, hypnotherapy will pass your conscious mind and will speak to your subconscious mind directly. Once the root cause is found we will reframe your subconscious beliefs with new beliefs and you will start to link pain to smoking & pleasure to quitting.

Giving up smoking has numerous health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, respiratory issues, and cancer. It also improves overall well-being, enhances taste and smell & saves money in the long run. Quitting smoking is a positive choice for your physical & mental health.

If you’re considering RTT for smoking cessation, book a free 15 minute online discovery call with me today to discuss your specific needs & goals.

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