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Jackie Shaw

RTT Transformational Hypnotherapist

I’m a wife of 28 years and counting! A mum to 3 wonderful children & an incredibly successful RTT Hypnotherapist who believes rapid transformation is available to every single one of us

I help you reconnect and heal your inner child that’s held you back due to past experiences and trauma which your subconscious mind has created patterns of behavior that doesn’t serve the person you are today or the person you deserve to be.
..and you are looking for someone to encourage, motivate and hold you accountable to lasting change in your personal and professional life.

My success with RTT has had instant impact with long time smokers who after going through the process with me have been able to stop instantly after one session, as I write this today, I can honestly say to date none have returned to the habit and are enjoying the financial and health benefits of releasing themselves. My husband being one of many!

Through RTT I have helped clients change their relationship with food and re-program their mind to make the right decisions for their health and lifestyle goals.

At the core of all the breakthroughs we achieve together is unlocking the traumas that make you believe you are powerless to change.

Together we take control of your thoughts and actions and move forward with a new framework that breaks old patterns and empowers you to phenomenal success.

Jackie Shaw

How I Can Help You

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.
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